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Музыкальный сайт певицы NEA(НИА) поющей в стилях POP-R&B на русском и английском, анонсы выступлений, песни, фото | Music site of singer NEA (style POP, R&B), songs, photo

::   NEA   is a young aspiring singer whose interests in music and whose songs spread far beyond one music style. Together with her talent, charm and warm soul, her songs will make you feel good wherever you are.

She is constantly in flux and so, the songs presented on this site are just glimpses of her soul which she tries to spice her every song with. 

Singer needs support in your hearts and, in turn, she's giving you a piece of her soul.

Have you heard the latest scoops and rumors about singer? Or do you have a Nea question you've been dying to ask? Well here's your chance to ask!

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NEA's starting point in music was the "X - STYLE" band some years ago. After that, there was "PARTY" band where she met many wonderful musicians.
Mixing with those great people and the experience accumulated led to the creation of her new solo project.

* * * *
: Профессиональный фотограф арт, портрет, гламур фотографий.
:: "Feeling low, I'm spinning with the world
Hoping inside for Mr. Right " -
these are the words from "Tell me why" song.
:: Nea is romantic and sometimes even naive whenshe writes about love. She thinks that kindness and mutual understanding is something that all of us need in this sort of cruel world.

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      :: Order your copy of the hot new album "NEA"
      Watch the new video"Tell me why"
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:: Live concerts
give exquisite pleasure to both NEA and the audience.

    :: Want to sign up for Nea's supporters group? Want to make a club of "appreciators" of Nea's talent? Send her your ideas of any kind.

My dear friends! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! There is a whole gallery of new photos available for you now!

You can see lyrics NEA on "Lyrics" page.There are 6 songs for your attention.

A new song from NEA & DJ BOR!SO about the other side of love. “I named it Infected by love,- says NEA,- because love is a very powerful and ...